The Prince Frog

Il principe ranocchio
The Frog Prince, is a fairy tale, best known through the Brothers Grimm's written version. 
A spoiled princess reluctantly befriends the Frog Prince (meeting him after dropping a gold ball into a pond), who magically transform into a handsome prince. 
York Press Ltd. 


Hoot- Hoot said Albert owl

 Hoot- hoot disse Albert il gufo
Albert is an adorable owl who would be very happy to join the children playing in the park... But what can he do to get their attention and become their firend?
By MD Smith Lighthouse Productions LLC

When rain falls... Under the snow

Quando piove... Sotto la neve
What happen to the little animals when rain falls? Let's find out togheter!
And what about the animals in winter time when everything is covered by the snow? Follow us and you'll see...
Pearson Education

The wolf and the bei

Il lupo e il bei
This is a story about a legendary chinese creature, the "bei", and its fellow, the wolf. It talks about love, violence, human ignorance and prejudice. Finally humans will understand their fault and there will be redemption and peace for everyone.
Beijing kids media

The Tin Soldier

Il soldatino di piombo
One of the most famous tales by Hans Christian Andersen.
Poor one-leg tin soldier, after many adventures, will he reach his beloved ballerina?
Igloo Books

Julius the young dragon

Il draghetto Julius
The young dragon Julius is beginning to start his life's adventures, new places, new friends...

The circus pony

World book day competition cover 2014

The mouse and the lion

Il Topo e il Leone
A distracted mouse and a hungry lion meet each other in the jungle. The lion is going to eat the mouse but..... the smart mouse can stay alive thanks to his craftiness. At the end, they become good friends.
Balberry Publishing, 2015

The hare and the tortoise

La Lepre e la Tartaruga
The Hare and the Tortoise is one of Aesop's fables. The account of a race between unequal partners has attracted conflicting interpretations. It is itself a variant of a common folktale theme in which ingenuity and trickery (rather than doggedness) are employed to overcome a stronger opponent.
Balberry Publishing, 2014

L'isola svelata

Un'isola ideale, una principessa, due principi che si contendono il suo amore... La paura del diverso diventa accettazione e conoscenza dell'altro grazie all'amore e al buon cibo
testo di Sara Monacelli - Romanzo

Muchos Chiles!

Un simpatico scimpanzé, eseguito con l'arte digitale, per accompagnare i giovani studenti verso la lingua spagnola.
Benchmark Education, 2014
A nice chimp made by digital media to lead young students towards the Spanish language.

Operazione Cornacchia

Come salvare l'Europa dall'autodistruzione, forse...
Romanzo - Armando Editore, 2013
Carrion Crow Operation
How to save Europe from self destruction, maybe...

Presentazione del libro a Palazzo Chigi, Formello, dicembre 2013